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Establishment of AFOB (Asian Federation of Biotechnology)
Finally, AFOB (Asian Federation of Biotechnology) has been established by the representatives of Asian countries, including China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam participated in IBS (International Biotechnology Symposium), which was held in Dalian, China on the 12-17th October 2008. Decisions have been made to invite Prof. Toshiomi Yoshida from Japan as the President and Prof. Jung-Keug Park from Korea as the Secretary General, and to have the headquarter office in Korea. AFOB will systematically construct and support the structural foundation for the cooperation among Asian countries in the field of Biotechnology. In addition, ACB (Asian Congress on Biotechnology, the term APBioChEC will be changed to ACB from 2011) and YABEC will be organized and operated under the guidance of AFOB. It has been decided that individual members of AFOB will commence from the registered members of ABD (Asian Biotechnology Directory).
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