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AFOB Bioenergy & Biorefinery Division Annual Meeting and Bioenergy & Biorefinery Summit 2014 (Aug 24-27, 2014)

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AFOB Bioenergy and Biorefinery Division Annual Meeting

and Bioenergy and Biorefinery Summit 2014


l  Date : Aug 24-27, 2014 (Sun-Wed)

l  Venue : Central Campus of Shandong University, Jinan, P. R. China

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   We are pleased to announce that the AFOB (Asia Federation of Biotechnology) Bioenergy and Biorefinery Division Annual Meeting and Bioenergy and Biorefinery Summit 2014, will be held between Aug 24th and Aug 27th in Jinan, China. This conference is expected to fully present the latest progress in the bioenergy and biorefinery field, to promote collaboration between academia and industry in the world, especially in Asia, and to provide an opportunity of communication on biorefinery between scientists in both academic and industrial sectors.

Important Dates

l  March 1: First circular issued, start accepting abstracts, start accepting registration via e-mail

l  May 15: Abstract deadline

l  June 1: Second circular issued, detailed conference program announced

l  June 30: Registration deadline. Registrants after this date will not enjoy discounted registration fee, and will not be guaranteed for accommodation.

l  July 5: Third circular issued, paper arrangement notified, invitation letters sent. Foreign attendees will be issued invitation letters before this date for visa applications.

Topics of the conference (not limited to)

   1. Non-food biomass supply and pretreatment technologies

   2. Liquid biofuels and commodity chemical production technologies

   3. Biocatalysis and Bioconversion technologies

   4. Combination of thermochemical conversion technologies and bioconversion technologies

   5. Bio-based chemicals and macromolecular materials


For more information, please refer to the attached flyer and circular of the event. Also, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding this event, please contact Prof. Xu Fang (



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