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EFB Virtual Conference 10-14 May 2021

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EFB Virtual Conference , 10-14 May 2021

EFB2021 is the major scientific conference organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology this year. Each day there will be plenary lectures by outstanding speakers between the morning and afternoon events. As this will be an on-line conference, to minimize screen fatigue, all of the events will be 2 hours long. Registration fees will be highly subsidized by the EFB. The Conference has been designed to achieve the following aims.


    1. The first aim is to introduce our 25,000 members to the new EFB Divisions:

      • Biocatalysis
      • Bioengineering & Bioprocessing
      • Biobased Materials
      • Environmental Biotechnology
      • Medical and Biopharmaceutical
      • Microbial Biotechnology
      • Plant, Agriculture and Food


The EFB Divisions have replaced our former Sections.

  1. In partnership with our publisher, Elsevier, EFB will launch its new Bioeconomy Journal, with an event that will include keynote lectures from world-leading bioeconomists, describe the scope of the journal and the types of publication we invite you to submit.

    The journal’s editors will provide advice about why papers are rejected and how to increase the chance that your work will be accepted for publication.

  2. The meeting will include joint events with key partners such as EuropaBio, the Asian Federation of Biotechnology and ESACT – the European Society for Animal Cell Culture.

  3. There will be many opportunities for early career biotechnologists to present their work in short flash poster presentation and as posters.


We look forward to welcoming you to participate in the EFB2021 Conference.

Emeritus Professor Jeff Cole

EFB President and Chair of the EFB2021 Organising Committee



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