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condolence to the Japanese colleagues

AFOB hit 13573 date 2011-03-22 16:23
Many delegates conveyed a message of condolece to Japaness colleagues.
I would like ti share all the AFOB members.

 From Indonesia

Dear friends in Japan,

We are very sorry and in deep sadness to hear Tsunami that is currently happening in Japan. We, Indonesian people, have not yet forgotten the Tsunami catastrophe in Aceh-Indonesia in 2004 and what it took from us.

We cannot imagine the pain of losing families, lands and many other things and uncountable matters. Please accept my condolence to the people in Japan. Our colleagues from Indonesian Consortium of Biotechnology are also extending their deepest sympathies to Japanese colleagues.

Sincerely yours,
Misri Gozan

From Japan

Dear Prof. Misri Gozan

Thank you for your kind sympathetic e-mail to Japanese colleagues.
It was really big earthquake I have never experienced.  In Tohoku area, serious damages happened as you mentioned.  
Fortunately people in Tokyo area are almost safe and the damages of stuffs and instruments were a little, although we cannot return to our home because the all subway and railway in Tokyo area stop completely tonight.  We will spend night in our laboratory.
Thank you again for your sincere condolence to the people in Japan.

With best regards,

Teruyuki Nagamune

From China

Dear Professor Nagamune and Other Japanese Colleagues:

On behalf of ACB-2011 colleagues, please accept our very mournful 
feelings, sincere sympathy, and best wishes from all the ACB delegates 
not only from China mainland but also all other parts of the world!


JJ Zhong

From Philippines

Dear Prof. Nagamune and all the Japanese People,
We in the Philippines express our deepest sympathy to all the Japanese people who suffered tremendously due to the present catastrophe. We thank God for keeping you and your own family safe. We extend our deepest sadness and sympathy for all the people who lost family members, love ones and properties. We pray to God that the country will be able to cope up with the tragedy and be able to recover and go back to normal situations as soon as possible.
Our full support and sympathy from the AFOB members from the Philippines.
Sincerely yours,
DLSU-Manila, Philippines

From Korea

Dear Prof. Nagamune and Japanese Colleagues,

I watched the TV news about the most powerful earthquake and tsunami to hit
Japan in recorded history, which is hard to believe. Early this morning
Prof. Ho Nam Chang called me and wanted me to convey his condolences to
Japanese friends. Concerning this mishap, Prof. Yoon-Mo Koo e-mailed me, and
I also talked with Profs. Young Je Yoo and Jung-Keug Park.
On behalf of AFOB Korean Regional Brach Office, I wish to offer our all
Korean AFOB members' condolences. I read the article that Japan is the
country which prepared well for tsunami. We wish that Japan will be
recovered quickly from the devastating earthquake.
If you and colleagues have anything we can help you with, please let us
We also try to find what we can do.

Sincerely yours,

Tai Hyun Park
AFOB Korean RBO Manager

From Taiwan

Dear Prof. Nagamune:
I was deeply saddened by the news of the earth quake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan yesterday.  The devastation was shocking even for people in Taiwan that had experienced some severe earthquakes in the past. We sincerely wish the best for our colleagues in Japan, and want to express our deepest condolence to Japanese people who had suffered great loss in this disaster. It is a great relieve to hear that you and Tokyo University are OK, we pray for you and all our colleagues in Japan and hope everything can return to normal soon.
I-Ming Chu 

From Taiwan

Dear Professor Nagamune and Other Japanese Colleagues:
We have heard that a gigantic earthquake has struck Japan yesterday, which causes catastrophic damage to both people and the estates. I have tried to send our concerns to you yesterday, however, the internet was disrupted and the emails have been returned.

We are truely sorry for this devastating event. Hopefully, the subsequent damage can be minimized and aftermath construction be efficient and smooth.

Although we are living in Taiwan, similar event has happened to us in the last decade. Thus, we thoroughly understand the gigantic power of nature can create helpless and sadness to human being. Our condolences are with the ones who have suffered from this event.


With best wishes,


Wen-Chien Lee

Professor, National Chung Cheng University

From Korea

Dear Japanese friends:

I am deeply sorry to see this unprecedentedly devastating earthquake happened.

I feel miserable for not being able to think of anything I can do at this moment. I am sorry.

For now, all of us are praying for you  with all our hearts.

If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know.

I hope all of you, your family, your friends and all Japanese people will get over this.

I strongly believe that Japanese people are strong and unified enough to overcome this difficult time.

With my deepest sympathy.

Sang Yup Lee

From India

Dear Japanese colleagues,

I express my full sympathy for all those who are effected by the
devastating effects of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.
We in India stand by their grief and sorrow and wish fast recovery and
normalization of life in Japan.
We also send condolences to the Japanese friends who lost their near and
dear ones in this natural climaty.

Best regards,

From Nepal

Dear AFOB professors of Japan and all Japanese friends,
Its really sad to hear the news of tsunami that killed several lives.
I myself and all AFOB members wish you to overcome this sorrow.

From Malaysia

Dear Prof Nagamune and Japanese Colleagues,

We from Malaysia share your sorrow and grief from the earthquake
and tsunami. Our sincere condolences to you and the people of Japan.
We pray for the fast recovery of Japan from this natural calamity.
With the strong spirit of the Japanese people, soon Japan will recover.
This is our hope and prayer.
Please take care.
Best regards.

Mohd Ali Hassan
BioTech UPM, Malaysia

From Malaysia

Dear Prof Nagamune and Japanese Colleagues,

My deepest condolence to the Japanese people who were affected by the natural calamity of  tsunami and earthquake . We share your grief and our prayers is always with you.  We  hope for a speedy recovery of Japan . To Prof. Nagamune and our Japanese colleagues our support and concerned is always with you to share the difficult time and moments where  all of you are facing now.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdul Karim
IIUM, Malaysia

From Thailand

Dear Prof. Nagamune and AFOB Japan, 

On behalf of Thai Society for Biotechnology, we would like to covey our sincerely sadness to you and your colleagues and all Japanese family who have been lost their family and properties. The disaster was so sudden causing domino effect of unexpected. 

In Thailand, particularly TSB members, there are many Japanese university alumni or related. As a president, I am calling the donation from our members and hope this will help the victims or this disaster somehow. I also have two of my previous students studying PhD at Tohoku university. 

In fact, the donation to Japan in Thailand is the initiatives of the King and Queen. Now many organizations help to organize the donation and buying food, warm cloth, battery etc and sending them to Japan as soon as possible.



From Korea

Dear President Prof. Yoshida,

 On behalf of all the Members, Delegates, Board Members, and Central Office of AFOB, I would like to deliver our sincere, deep sympathy and sorrow to you and Japanese members of AFOB about the recent unimaginable catastrophy of earthquake and tsunami damages in japan.

 We can not think of any proper words to console you right now, but we are very sure that Japanese people will overcome this unprecedented natural disaster as time goes by.

 Please let us know what we can do for you at this moment, and we will do our best efforts for the recovery.

We are all suffer the same pain and grief of the Japanese people who lost their beloved families.

We are always feeling your warm love and support for all the bio-people in Asia.

 I hope we can all meet at ACB-2011 Shanghai together again.

 Respectfully yours,

 Jung-Keug Park

Secretary General of AFOB

 From Japan

Dear colleagues
Thank you very much for your concerns, condolence and encouragements on us for the sufferings of the unexpected calamity occurred here in Japan. We, most of us, close friends and their families, some of them have been living in and near the regions, are fortunately ok, though I have not been able to get a contact with some peoples.

I strongly believe that we, Japanese, will overcome the great tribulations from catastrophic disaster to recover the situations shortly so as to survive in a good condition with the aid of kind, warm and strong supports by the people from all over the world.

With my sincere appreciation,
YOSHIDA Toshiomi

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