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Name and Affiliation

Name First Name Maruf Last Name Abony
Country Bangladesh Photo

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Institution Primeasia University
Department Department of Microbiology
Title Lecturer


  Year of graduation Institution (Major)
B.S. 2015 Primeasia University
M.S. 2016 Primeasia University

Job Experience (maximum three items)

Institution, Title, Period
Research Associate, Essence Medical Centre, 2013-2015
Research Assistant, Primeasia University, 2015-2018
Lecturer, Department of Microbiology, Primeasia University, 2018-2019

Research Area (Please select maximum four items from the list, and list them in the order of their importance in your research.)

Bioenergy, Fermentation, Food Technology, Microbial Technology

Current Research Topics (Please write maximum four topics & Keyword)

Cellulase bioethanol Chemically purified cellulose
Identification and Purification of Novel bioactive compounds produced by Actinomycetes and Streptomyces
Actinomycetes Bioactive Antimicrobial
Antifungal bioactive compound production from Pseudomonas fluroscence to inhibit growth of phytopathogenic fungi
antifungal phytopathogen fungi pseudomonas fluroscence
Antimicrobial activity of Quantum dots synthesized from various chemicals by
Quantum dots Antimicrobial Acid heat reflux