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ACB 2013: abstract submission is extended to July 10, 2013!

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Dear AFOB members,


Greetings from AFOB!

We are pleased to inform you that the abstract submission of Asian Congress on Biotechnology (ACB) 2013 is extended to June 15, 2013.


l  Extended abstract submission deadline: July 10, 2013


Please visit ACB 2013 website to find out more information about ACB and submit your abstract!

l  Abstract Submission:






Agri- and food-biotechnology

      A1 - Biofertilizers and biopesticides
      A2 - Novel crops for food security
      A3 - Food processing
      A4 - Seri-biotechnology







Bioprocess Engineering

      B1 - Upstream processing
      B2 - Bioreaction engineering
      B3 - Downstream processing
      B4 - Food Process engineering
      B5 - Environmental engineering 
      B6 - Novel bioreactor designs
      B7 - Project engineering
      B8 - Resource base and sustainability







Biorefinery and Biofuels

      C1 - Bioethanol and other liquid fuels
      C2 – Biohydrogen
      C3 – Biomethane
      C4 - Commodity chemicals
      C5 - Speciality chemicals







Enzyme & cell culture technology

      D1 - Biocatalysis and Biotransformations
      D2 - Microbial fermentations
      D3 - Plant cell culture
      D4 - Animal cell culture
      D5 - Waste remediation
      D6 - Enzymes in food applications







Health care biotechnology

      E1 - Biopharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
      E2 – Vaccines
      E3 – Biodiagnostics
      E4 – Biosensors
      E5 - Biomaterials, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine







Biotechnology tools

      F1 – Genomics
      F2 – Proteomics
      F3 – Bioinformatics
      F4 - Computational Biology
      F5 - Systems and Synthetic Biology
      F6 - Nano-biotechnology
      F7 - High resolution analytical methods







Bioindustry forum

      Bioeconomy, bioentrepreneurship, Biosafety, IPR & Regulatory issues


Presentation Type

Abstract may be submitted in one of the following formats:

Oral Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation to be delivered by the submitter in the scientific sessions.

Poster Presentation

Printed Poster to be created by the submitter and affixed in the poster panels.

You should indicate your Presentation Type preference when submitting your abstract. However the decision on whether your abstract, if accepted, should be presented as Oral or Poster Presentation will be at the sole discretion of the Abstract Review Committee.

Detailed information on the presentation format and submission procedures (i.e duration and timing of the presentation, size of poster, accepted file type for digital poster, uploading information etc) will be emailed to all delegates whose papers have been accepted by the Abstract Review Committee.

Abstracts selected for presentation during the conference will be printed from the electronically submitted material. Every effort will be made to reproduce the content of the abstracts as submitted. However, please be sure to carefully check your abstract for content errors, spelling, names, etc. before submitting. The Abstract Review Committee does not proof-read or correct spelling, typographical, grammatical, or scientific errors, nor can changes be made once the abstract is submitted.


  Registration fee (Discount policy for group members)

Ÿ   For participation of 4-10 persons of the same organization: 10% discount

Ÿ   For participation of 11-15 persons of the same organization: 15% discount

Ÿ   For participation of 16 or more persons of the same organization: 20% discount

Ÿ   For AFOB members: 10% discount



For abstract enquiries, kindly email to ACB secretariat (

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