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Prof. Jun-Tang Yu passed away

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Dear AFOB members,                                                         

We are very sad to inform you that Prof. Jun-Tang Yu, ECUST, China passed away at 8:50 am on Monday (Dec. 9) in the Hua-shan Hospital, Shanghai at the age of 85.

Professor Yu is the founder of modern biochemical engineering in China mainland, and he served as the pioneer and inaugural chair of the first Biochemical Engineering discipline in China, the founder and inaugural chair of Biochemical Engineering Division in China, and the founding director of State Key Lab. of Bioreactor Engineering, ECUST, etc. Especially, he has shown high contribution for the development of Biochemical Engineering throughout the Northeast Asia.

He is the most widely respected professor in this field in China mainland, not only because of his leadership, but also because of his noble character.

We hereby express our great respect and condolence to Prof. Jun-Tang Yu.

Also, we believe that it will be very consoling if you could send a short message of condolence to the Funeral Committee of ECUST (; (Dr. Jian-He Xu (Prof. & Director, ECUST))).


With our best wishes,


Dr. Ho Nam Chang

President of AFOB

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