July 2020


Position : Postdoc
Department/Institute : Department of Chemistry / Myongji University
Keyworkds : Cloning, Gene delivery, Cell works
City/Country : Yongin / South Korea
Description :
   1) Perform gene delivery and related experiments
   2) Conceive new ideas and conduct research
   3) Train graduate students

Requirements :
   1) PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or related fields
   2) Research experience in drug (gene, protein) delivery
Duration : 1~2 years
Part/Full Time : Full Time
Qualification : PhD

If you are interested in following position please submit your resume, CV, referral (at least 2) to Prof. Nokyoung Park ( ).

Integrated MSc-Phd Program

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Position title Postdoc Department Institute of Synthetic Biology,Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Keywords Synthetic biology
Molecular oncology
City/Country Shenzhen/P R China
  • Synthetic biology/Nanobiology as tools to answer the fundamental question in virology and/or to develop the vaccines against viral diseases.
  • Synthetic biology/Nanobiology to answer the fundamental question in cancer biology and/or to develop the new protocol of treating cancers.
  • Ph.D. degree in any one of following field, synthetic biology, virology, cell biology, molecular cancer biology, nanobiology or any other highly related fields (flexible).
  • Skillful in molecular imaging, cell culture, gene manipulation, protein science.
Duration 2 years Part/Full Time Full time
Qualification Ph.D. E.mail