July 2020

AFOB Special Issues of BTJ

Biotechnology Journal (Impact factor 3.543) which is published by Wiley is the official journal of AFOB.

Since 2013, the Biotechnology Journal publishes two AFOB special issues each year.

The recent special issue (topic: ACB 2019) was published in June, 2020.

Currently, the AFOB special issue (topic: Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications) is scheduled in December, 2020 by 4 guest editors; Dr. Feng Li (China), Dr. Jonghoon Choi (Korea), Dr. João Mano (Portugal), Dr. Mariana Oliveira (Portugal).

One of the 2021 AFOB special issues is scheduled in June which will be focusing on “Metabolic engineering”. Three guest editors, Dr. Jeong Wook Lee (POSTECH, Korea), Dr. I-Son Ng (Cheng Kung University, Taiwan), Dr. Hiroshi Shimizu (Osaka Univ., Japan), will edit this special issue.

journal cover 이미지
No. Date Topic
1 2013.11 Microfluidics, Biosensors, Organ-on-chip
2 2014.7 Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
3 2014.12 Asian Congress of Biotechnology 2013
4 2015.6 Bioenergy and Biorefinery
5 2015.12 Advances in Bioprocess Engineering
6 2016.6 Biosensors
7 2016.12 Asian Congress of Biotechnology  2015
8 2017.11 Industrial Biotechnology
9 2017.12 Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
10 2018.6 Asian Congress of Biotechnology  2017
11 2018.12 Biomimetic and Bioinspired Biotechnology
12 2019.6 Bioenergy and Biorefinery
13 2019.11 Biopolymers
14 2020.6 Asian Congress of Biotechnology  2019
15 2020.12 Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications
16 2021.6 Metabolic engineering

by Dr. Hyung Joon Cha (
Assistant Deputy Secretary General, Publication Committee, AFOB