October 2020

COVID-19 situation in Thailand

COVID-19 situation in Thailand

The spread of Covid-19 in Thailand has been a devastating event causing many casualties. There is a total of 3,390 Covid-19 cases in Thailand, 3,219 people have recovered and 58 people died. Currently, there are no reports of Covid-19 infection inside Thailand but there are still infected people in state quarantine. Unfortunately, Covid-19 made many businesses go bankrupt which increased the rate of unemployment. According to the National Research Council of Thailand, A Covid-19 vaccine should be made available to the public in the middle of the next year. Even though the vaccine is still its early phases of clinical trial, it is said that a lot of money was spent developing this vaccine and a lot more will be spent distributing this vaccine. Many businesses are now starting to open back up but Thailand had taken great precautions to ensure that there would not be another outbreak. For example, Masks are required in order to enter buildings or walk around in public. Furthermore, social distancing should be implemented at public places such as office buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Thailand now has one of the lowest numbers of infected people in the world.

Associate Prof. Prakit Sukyai

Committee of Thai Society for Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agro-Industry, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand