October 2020

'My Talk’

"Since joining the AFOB Newsletter editorial team recently, I had a chance to read through all the Newsletters and noticed that the Newsletter banner seemed a bit "old", although it had a minor update from the previous volumes (Fig 1). I believe that an eye-catching banner would help the Newsletter to be better recognized and to be read. Instead of having a design company create a new banner image, it would be meaningful (and fun!) to request ideas from the AFOB members, especially younger members such as grad students, postdocs, and junior scientists/engineers to encompass diverse opinions and thoughts.

Therefore, I suggest the Newsletter banner design contest:

1) A vote mechanism (among either regional branch members or all AFOB members) will make this contest even more exciting.

2) Attractive prizes will more likely motivate AFOB members."

Fig 1a. The Newsletter banner for Vol. 5-7

Fig 1b. The Newsletter banner for Vol. 8-9

September 24, 2020

Jong Youn Baik from Korea