April 2021

AFOB Newsletter Banner Design Contest
Result Announcement

We are pleased to announce the winners of AFOB Newsletter Banner Design Contest.
The submitted designs were evaluated and selected by the AFOB regional editors.
The winning design will be used as a new AFOB Newsletter banner

1st place (US $300.00)

Name B.M.B. ROSLIMAN E-mail Bal**********@*****
Description of the banner • The pictures used are based on biotechnology identity such as agricultural, biochips, tissue engineering, and bioprocess.
• The AFOB logo is used due to the requirement from the organizer.
• I use white as the background to represent the holistic of biotechnology research.
• The word “Newsletter” is coloured with green because green is synonym to nature and freedom.
• The red colour used in this sentence (Asian Federation of biotechnology) to show how blood is important to human being

2nd place (US $50.00)

Name J. Lee E-mail Rin******@*****
Description of the banner High utilization banner using 3 representative colors of the AFOB logo (red,blue,red). And The letters also use white and gray to maintain unity with the logo.

2nd place (US $50.00)

Name M. A. Jenol E-mail Azw********@*****
Description of the banner Elements of biotechnology nurture a life in better future of the world

We do appreciate all the participants and will be contacting the winners soon via email to deliver the prize.