April 2021


Advertize Yourself in AFOB Newsletter

AFOB Newsletter is open to every bio-related companies and societies in Asia for advertising their products (pharmaceuticals, food & drug, instruments and devices, media & reagents, ideas, etc.) in a very broad and efficient way. The advertisements in AFOB Newsletter are being distributed to the whole members and societies of Biotechnology and Bioscience in Asia and further to the World. If you want to support to promote AFOB Newsletter please contact (AFOB Secretariat)

Advertising Groups

- Type A (2,000 US$/year) : Big & Middle-sized companies. Major research groups
- Type B (1,000 US$/year) : Middle & Small sized companies, Venture companies
- Type C (500 US$/year) : Lab instruments and Reagents supplying companies

Advertising Effects

AFOB Newsletters, first published in 2017, are being distributed 4 times every year currently, on-line to 17,000 members (academia, industry, government) in 14 member countries of AFOB (Asian Federation of Biotechnology), the major BT Society in the World. AFOB is in close cooperation with EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology, ), along with several Biotechnology and Biohealthcare-related societies and companies in Europe and USA, UNESCO Federation of Societies, IFMBE (International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering, ) with 130,000 members.