July 2021

An AFOB Session in BIO Asia-Taiwan 2021

AFOB has co-organized with Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (Taiwan BIO) an AFOB Session on "Regional Collaboration of Bioeconomies", which will be held on July 23, 2021. This activity is a part of BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021, an event with international conference and exhibition. This AFOB Session is sponsored by Far Eastern Y.Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation (Taiwan).

In the past two years, AFOB has gradually established links and co-operations with the Asian bioindustry. In addition to regular academic activities, AFOB has paid more attention on Asian Bioeconomy and the collaboration with bioindustrial sectors in AFOB regions. The networking has been lunched between AFOB and bioindustrial associations/organizations across Asia, such as Taiwan BIO, ThaiBIO, Korea BIO, Japan BIO, etc. To promote the academic-industrial collaboration, the AFOB has organized workshops and webinars with topics of industrial interest in each AFOB regions. In addition, a task force for Asian Bioeconomy was established in AFOB to continue promoting the collaboration via the AFOB-industrial network and making a contribution to Asian bioeconomy. Taiwan BIO and AFOB singed a MoU in 2019. A joint session in BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 is thus created as a starting point for cooperation between the two parties.

BIO Asia–Taiwan, which is used to be called BioTaiwan in the past years, is a major annual event in Asia co-organized by Taiwan BIO and the global Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). Like last year, it will be held as both an online and onsite gathering due to the pandemic. It will once again bring together executives and investors from North America, Europe and Asia to explore opportunities in Asia's emerging biotech sectors. A full schedule fills up online company presentations, one-on-one partnering, seminars and workshops, exhibitions, and live events at conference and exhibition venues. For more information about the exciting events of BIO Asia–Taiwan 2021 Online + Onsite, please visit

The Program of the AFOB Session on Regional Collaboration of Bioeconomies is as follows:
To organize this event, AFOB President Prof. Wen-Chien Lee and Vice President (Taiwan) Prof. I-Ming Chu visited Taiwan BIO on October 26, 2020. They had an in-depth discussion with the Taiwan BIO Honorable President Dr. Johnsee Lee, Secretary General Dr. Bor-Fuei Huang, and Deputy Secretary General Dr. Wallace Lin, on the future cooperation of the two parties (see photo below).

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