July 2021

My Talk


Hello. I'm Ji Sun Lee, AFOB Secretary.

It is an honor to work at AFOB from January this year. I'm still not good enough yet but I'll do my best for the smooth operation of AFOB.

I remember the first time I had a job interview to be part of AFOB. I was very nervous when I sat in the waiting room with other candidates waiting for my turn.

Before joining AFOB, I have gained experience in working that requires communication with foreigners. However, I was worried before I joined the interview because biotechnology was unfamiliar to me. Therefore, I was very nervous while answering the interviewers' questions. Thankfully, I am currently entitled to write this article.

I am very grateful that I am currently working as AFOB secretary. Also, I am happy to work with prominent professors from all over Asia.

It could've been hard for me to do all the AFOB works myself, but I was able to proceed with the work since AFOB professors were very considerate and worked with me.

The last 12th ANL was the first newsletter I participated in alone as AFOB secretary. I was worried that I might make a mistake, but thanks to the editorial members, 12th ANL could be published safely. I hope the 13th issue can receive a lot of attention from many people all over Asia.

Unfortunately, Many AFOB events have been postponed and canceled due to COVID-19. But, I do believe that AFOB's activities will continue and become more diverse through newsletters and virtual events.

My Talk


Hello. I am Balqish Marissa Rosliman, a second-year degree student of Bio-Molecular Science in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia. It is a study of fundamental knowledge in Cellular Biology, Biochemistry & Genetics, and laboratory skills in Molecular Biology. This course offers the students to explore the biological procedures especially on the cells work process in our body. Most of the learning process took place in a lab but because of COVID-19, we must attend the online classes which are quite challenging and exciting. Currently, I am learning Korean as my third language since my second semester.

At first, it is quite difficult for me to understand but I managed to overcome it by watching Korean dramas, education videos on Youtube, and listening to Korean songs.

The past few weeks, I had been handling a virtual community service which known as Service-Learning Malaysia (SULAM) for my club activity. I have participated in Gamelan club which is Malaysian traditional music instrument that we usually play during theatrical performances, convocation, and as well as royal ceremony. In this community service, I managed to share my knowledge to all the participants regarding the background of Gamelan since not all Malaysians have the information about these music instruments. I have also shared on how to play the instruments by referring to the song notes during the virtual community service event. On top of that, I have conducted a quiz on Gamelan to enhance the knowledge of my participants. The club has also provided e-certificates for those who join the program. It was a challenging and full of experience because the community service program was held virtually. However, with the help of my coach and friends, we managed to conduct the program successfully.

Recently, I won the AFOB banner competition. It was a great experience and I gain new knowledge about biotechnology organization. I hope in the future, I can pursue my Master studies and able to work in the foreign country while learning their beautiful cultures and lifestyles. As experts always say the more you learn, the more you earn.