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Name and Affiliation

Name First Name Saber Last Name Abd-Allah
Country Egypt
Institution Beni-Suef University
Department Theriogenology
Title Associate Professor


  Year of graduation Institution (Major)
B.S. 1993 Cairo University (Theriogenology)
M.S. Cairo University (Theriogenology)
Ph.D. 2003 Cairo University (Theriogenology)

Job Experience (maximum three items)

Institution, Title, Period
Cairo University, Associate professor of Theriogenology, 2003-2013

Research Area (Please select maximum four items from the list, and list them in the order of their importance in your research.)

Animal Cell Culture, Food Technology, Nanobiotechnology

Current Research Topics (Please write maximum four topics & Keyword)

Nanobioteechnology for animal cell culture
NanoBiotechnology Microbiological Technology Animal cell culture
Nanobioteechnology for animal cell culture
Food technology