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Name and Affiliation

Name First Name Noor Hidayah Last Name Abd Rahman
Country Malaysia
Institution Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Department Department of Bioprocess Engineering
Title Dr.


  Year of graduation Institution (Major)
B.S. 2012 Universiti Putra Malaysia (BS. Biotechnology)
M.S. 2017 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (M.S. Bioprocess Engineering)
Ph.D. 2021 Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Ph.D Bioprocess Engineering)

Job Experience (maximum three items)

Institution, Title, Period
Department of Bioprocess Engineering, Post-doctoral fellow, July 2021- present
Department of Bioprocess Engineering, Research Assistant, Jan-May 2021

Research Area (Please select maximum four items from the list, and list them in the order of their importance in your research.)

Bioprocess Engineering, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Microbial Technology, Enzyme Engineering

Current Research Topics (Please write maximum four topics & Keyword)

Enzyme Cross-linking Oligosaccharides