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TSB 2013 (The 25th Annual Meeting of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference)

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The 25th Annual Meeting of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference


The 25th Annual Meeting of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference, organized jointly by the Thai Society for Biotechnology (TSB) and the Department of Biotechnology,Kasetsart University, will be held on 16-19 October 2013. This international conference and meeting is entitled “Agro-Industrial Biotechnology for Global Sustainable Prosperity” and will deal with the many important aspects of biotechnology that should allow us to make the world a better place in which to live.

The scope of the conference includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

       - Bio-energy and Biomass

       - Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology

       - Environmental and Agricultural Biotechnology

       - Food Biotechnology and Food Safety

       - Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

       - Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

       - Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

       - Other related areas


Keynote speakers include: 

       - Prof. An-Ping Zeng (HamburgUniversity of Technology,Germany)

       - Prof. Keshavan Niranjan (University of Reading,UK)

       - Prof. Guocheng Du (Jiangnan University,China)

       - Prof. Yusuf Chisti (Massey University,New Zealand)

       - Assoc. Prof. Woo-Kul Lee (Dankook University,South Korea)


Selection criteria for oral and poster presentations are based on scientific merit, novelty and practical application. A limited number of the full papers submitted will be selected and considered for publication in one of the following scientific journals*.

       - Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science)


       - Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology (Special Issue)



*Authors may select in which of these journals they would wish their work to be published. The manuscripts will be subjected to the peer review process of the journal selected and, if required, any expense incurred must be met by the authors.

A limited amount of financial support is available to students. Selection criteria are based on the scientific quality of full papers associated with the oral or poster presentations.

Online submission of abstracts can be made now. The deadline for submission is 15th May 2013. To submit your abstract and for further information please see

You will be warmly welcomed in October 2013, and we look forward to hearing about your latest progress in research and development. The meeting will give all of us the opportunity to exchange useful information and to share our experiences in the field of biotechnology.